Vidyard Cup VIII

Hosted by
Vidyard FIFA
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  •   Groups (5 → 4) then Single Elimination
  •   Foosball
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A match shall consist of 2 out of 3 games. Each game shall be the first to 5 points.

Table Selection

As long as both teams agree to it - a match may be played on any foosball table. If teams cannot agree to a table, then they shall play on the Garlando.

Group Stage

The group stage is to be completed by November 24. Any unplayed matches after that day will be decided at the tournament organizer's discretion. As the group stage is round-robin, these matches may be played in any order.

Final Stage

In the interests of expedience for this tournament, you must be able to play a match within a week or forfeit the match. Some leniency will be provided for the final match, but only if necessary.


If your partner is not available for a match, you may - to a limit of two matches in this tournament - recruit a substitute from any eliminated player or non-participant. You may not recruit a substitute for the final match, as additional leniency is already provided.


優勝: Broughton + Mat
準優勝: Calvin + Stephen


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